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The Healthcare Manifesto Bonus Page

Congratulations! You've made it to the secret special bonus page. Below is the information you are (hopefully) looking for.


Below are the tables mentioned in the book.

Table 1

Health Insurance Carriers Stock Value

Table 2

Diabetic Agents

Table 2 Manifesto.png

Table 3

Non-Specialty Drugs - Therapy Optimization Through Physician and Member Education

Table 3 Manifesto_edited_edited.jpg

Table 4

Specialty Drugs - Therapy Optimization Through the Prior Authorization Process

Table 4 Manifesto.png

Table 5

Top 15 Condition Report

Table 5 Manifesto.png

Table 6

Pharmacy Example

Table 6 Manifesto.png

Table 7

Specialty Drug Example

Table 7 Manifesto.png

Table 8

Leap Frog Group Hospital Safety Grade Example (graphic courtesy of's website

Table 8 Manifesto.png
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